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Jura E8 Dark Inox
Jura E8 Dark Inox
Jura E8 Piano Black
Jura E8 Chrome
Jura E8 Piano Black
Jura E8 Dark Inox
Jura E8 Chrome
Jura E8 Piano Black
Jura E8 Dark Inox
Jura E8 Chrome
Jura E8 new model
Jura E8 new model
Jura E8 new model
Jura E8 new model
Jura E8 Chrome

Jura E8 new model

RRP £1,095.00 £999.00 Our Price (Inc VAT)

The newly revised Jura E8, Juras best-selling machine, has been given a subtle facelift and now benefits from additional functionality, such as the newer S8 milk frother and a free Jura smart connect, Bluetooth dongle to give you access to the new E8 via the Jura App (available here ) and also visually the water tank can be distinguished by the horizontal fluting and a new chrome handle and the drip tray cover is now chunkier chrome design - It sits nicely between the popular entry-level Jura E6 and the flagship compact S8 - within the same compact chassis Jura have incorporated a wider range of features which make the E8 more intuitive to use - one-touch cappuccino operation is going to feature high on most speciality coffee drinkers' list of desires (on the E6 users need to manually dispense the amount of milk required and then add coffee).  And the E8 does not disappoint giving one-touch production of the full range of speciality milk drinks - cappuccino, latte, latte macchiato and flat white from just a single button press, and each of these options can be personally tailored to your own needs in the programmable settings. 


When you purchase a Jura E8 from Café-Select you will also receive a Free Glass Milk Container.


Package includes:

  •  New Jura E8 (select finish in the dropdown above)                                    
  • Jura Glass Milk container 0.5L   
  • Jura Claris Smart Filter cartridge
  • Jura Smart connect Bluetooth dongle
  • 100ml Bottle Milk system cleaner
  • Pack of 2 Jura 2 phase cleaning tablets
  • Container for milk system cleaning
  • 25 Months Official Jura UK warranty
  • Free UK mainland delivery 

Café-Select are Authorised Jura UK Dealers which means that all our Jura products have been officially imported into the UK and will therefore carry official UK warranty. You will also be eligible for lifetime customer support both from ourselves and Jura UK.

Jura Specialised Dealer

Global innovation: P.E.P.® for espressi of outstanding barista quality

Professional fine foam frother G2

Jura E8 G2 fine foam frother

The new professional fine foam frotherG2 is made from the highest-quality materials and has a stunning look and feel. Specially designed for the preparation of speciality coffees with milk and milk foam, it makes latte macchiato and other beverages with the very best fine-textured foam every time and never fails to impress with its particularly intuitive operating concept.

50% more specialities

JURA's most successful coffee machine has been refined even further. The E8 now prepares a total of 12 different specialities at the touch of a button. It now also offers hot water for green tea, special coffee, espresso doppio and espresso macchiato at the touch of a button.


More beautiful than ever

The water tank in premium ridged design accentuates the clear design concept. The tactile qualities of the tank's metal handle convey quality. What's more, the new, chrome-plated cup grille superbly showcases the perfect speciality coffees. And on top all of these features, it's great to look at too!

P.E.P.® for espressi of outstanding barista quality

A number of top innovations ensure that both classics and trend specialities can be created with breathtaking quality: The AromaG3 grinder is now twice as fast, yet preserves all the delicious aroma of the coffee beans. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) ensures the optimum extraction time for a short speciality and delivers a taste explosion for the ristretto and espresso.

The secret of exceptional coffee lies in its preparation. With the Jura E8 the brewing process has been perfected by Jura, as a result, professional barista quality, speciality coffees can be produced at the touch of a button!

Coffee is optimally ground to perfection by the Jura E8's six level Aroma G3 grinder. Grinding the beans freshly & quickly yet gently, every time to preserve the aroma.

To ensure optimum brewing conditions at all times, the variable brewing unit of the Jura E8 has a capacity of 5 to 16 grams. further more, The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) developed by JURA optimises the extraction time. To make a short espresso, it forces the hot water through the ground coffee at short intervals. This process allows the flavours of the coffee to fully develop. With eight different intensity levels, coffee lovers can customise their coffee just the way they like it. For specialities such as cappuccino, the innovative fine foam technology delivers fine milk foam that's as light as air. You'll love the result!

Intelligent Water System for automatic filter detection

CLARIS water filters supply perfect water quality for the best possible flavour. They also protect the coffee machine against limescale and remove substances that could impair flavour and aroma (such as heavy metals or chlorine) from the water. To make maximum use of the filter and its capacity, JURA developed the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®). The filter cartridge and coffee machine are wirelessly linked by RFID technology. The filter is detected automatically. Using the filter has never been easier or more reliable.

JURA E8 is setting new standards in very simple operation

For those who like to make their favourite coffee quickly, the Jura E8 is ideal. The buttons for the espresso, coffee, cappuccino and milk foam functions are all positioned on the front for maximum convenience. The Jura E8 can even prepare two espressi or coffees at the same time. Thanks to the modern TFT colour display, operating the machine is self-explanatory. The large bean container has a capacity of 280 grams for uninterrupted coffee enjoyment. A special aroma preservation cover keeps the beans fresh. To reduce the frequency of refilling with water the tank capacity of the Jura E8 is 1.9 litres and it is easy to access from the front of the machine. Clear, symmetrical forms, harmonious lines and a love of detail give the Jura E8 an elegant aesthetic that looks stunning in any kitchen. Its elegant design will continue to impress for years to come.

Total hygiene

Maintaining the modern Jura coffee machine is just as simple as preparing tempting speciality coffees. The integrated rinsing and cleaning programmes can be started at the touch of a button to keep the machine impeccably hygienic and programmed to auto-initiate. Now the dishwasher-safe milk spout can be replaced in a flash. Total hygiene and the perfect milk foam are guaranteed at all times.

1 ristretto
2 ristretti
1 espresso
2 espressi
1 Espresso doppio
1 espresso macchiato
1 coffee
2 coffees
1 special coffee
1 cappuccino
1 latte macchiato
1 flat white
1 portion of milk
Hot water
hot water for green tea
Hot water function
3 levels
Additional preground coffee powder
Number of products
Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®)
Compatible with J.O.E®
Smart Connect supplied as standard
Variable brewing chamber
5 - 16 g
Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.©)
I.W.S.® with filter cartridge
Grinder type
AromaG3 grinder
Number of grinders
Powder recognition for additional ground coffee variety
Thermoblock heating system
High-performance pump, 15 bar
15 bar
Wireless ready
JURA fine foam technology
Milk system
Connector System©
Monitored drip tray
Settings and programming options
Programmable amount of water
Amount of water can be adjusted for each preparation
Programmable coffee strength in levels
Coffee strength can be adjusted for each preparation
Hot water temperature can be programmed in levels
Brewing temperature can be programmed in levels
TFT color display
Programmable switch-off time
Power switch
Zero-Energy Switch
Perfect maintenance at the touch of a button
Filter cartridge
Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programme
Integrated milk system cleaning programme
Automatic milk rinse
Maintenance status display
Adjustable water hardness
JURA hygiene: TÜV-certified
Height-adjustable coffee spout
65 - 111 mm
Height-adjustable cappuccino spout
107 - 153 mm
Height-adjustable hot water spout
107 - 153 mm
Design and materials
Amber cup illumination
White cup illumination
Powder chute for ground coffee
In figures
Water tank capacity
1.9 L
Numbers of bean containers
Bean container with aroma preservation cover
Capacity per bean container
280 g
Coffee grounds container (max. servings)
Cable length
1.1 m
230 V ~
10 amp
50 hz
1450 Watt
Stand-by power
0 Watt
Energy consumption with E.S.M.©
6 watt-hour
9.8 kg
28 cm
34.6 cm
44.4 cm
Conformity mark
Model year
Article Number


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